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Last updated: 2022-07-25 15:05:50

    Smart Beautification

    Based on cutting-edge image processing technology and face recognition algorithms, this feature integrates multiple styles to offer diverse smart beauty filters.

    Special Effect Filters

    This feature includes a wealth of premium filters for real-time image coloring, which can be even more naturally fit with Tencent's leading image fusion and enhancement technologies.

    Animated Stickers

    With the capabilities of facial feature location and tracking as well as gesture recognition, this feature offers a large number of 2D and 3D animated stickers that can be dynamically applied to one or multiple people. In addition, a professional material editor and guides are also provided so users can make and apply their own materials.

    Multi-Style Makeup

    This feature supports skin smoothing and brightening in real time. It precisely locates facial features for adjustment so that users can apply fashionable makeup styles with a single click.

    Precise Keying

    This feature offers real-time keying and can replace the background in a video with a background that is intricate and dynamic. Edges are processed to achieve a larger aperture effect, and facial effects can be added in videos.

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