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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-07-18 10:06:16

    Live Streaming

    Tencent Effect SDK enables a more fun and entertaining video experience in video live streaming, interactive live streaming, video call, video conferencing, and other real-time video applications.

    Interactive Chat

    Tencent Effect SDK can be used in mobile messaging for sharing captivating photos and videos with special effects.

    Short Video

    Tencent Effect SDK enriches creative short videos with brilliant lighting and shadows and other special effects.


    Tencent Effect SDK introduces a higher level of immersion during game playing and streaming to unleash more fun.

    AI Camera

    Tencent Effect SDK quickly locates facial features, smooths and brightens skin in real time, and offers filters to make photos unforgettable.


    In online meetings, Tencent Effect SDK allows users to customize the meeting background and use beauty filters so participants can look their best.

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