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Basic Concepts

Last updated: 2022-09-22 14:36:12


    This module offers smart beautification capabilities. It supports approximately 30 kinds of facial feature adjustment, including skin smoothing, face slimming, eye enlarging, sharpening, brightening, face shrinking, face narrowing, cheekbone slimming, nose slimming, lip reshaping, forehead reshaping, lipstick, blush, facial contouring, teeth whitening, eye dark circle removal, smile line removal, rosy skin, saturation adjustment, contrast adjustment, wrinkle removal, eye tilting, face shortening, eye brightening, nose wing adjustment, nose position adjustment, eye bag removal, lip thickness adjustment, eye distance adjustment, and chin reshaping.


    This module leverages the image fusion technology to offer 37 high-performance and natural real-time color filters such as white, natural, first love, clear, confession, allure, and bright.

    Animated stickers

    With the capabilities of facial feature location and tracking as well as gesture recognition, this module offers up to 58 2D and 3D animated stickers that can be dynamically applied to one or multiple people.


    This module supports skin smoothing and brightening in real time. It precisely locates facial features for adjustment so that users can apply fashionable makeup styles, including peach blossom, energy, juicy peach, and belle, with a single click.


    This module supports real-time keying and offers nine sophisticated and animated backgrounds.

    Bundle ID

    Bundle ID, also called app ID, is the unique identifier of an iOS application.
    You can view the bundle ID of your application in General > Identity in Xcode.

    Package name

    Package name is a unique concept on Android as the unique identifier of an application.
    You can view the package name in the Mainfest.xml file of your Android project.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

    Supported platforms

    Platform Development Environment Requirements
  • Android Studio 3.5+
  • Android 7.0 (API Level 24) or later is recommended.
  • iOS
  • Xcode 9.0+
  • iOS 12.2 or later is recommended.
  • A valid developer signature and a real iOS device
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