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Last updated: 2022-09-01 15:05:22

Certificate APIs

API Name Feature
CheckCertificate Verifies a certificate
DescribeDefaultCertificates Queries a list of default certificates
DescribeHostsCertificate Queries certificates of domain names
ModifyDefaultCertificate Modifies the status of a default certificate
ModifyHostsCertificate Modifies the certificate of a domain name

Data APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBotLog Queries bot attack logs
DescribeDDosAttackData Queries the DDoS attack data
DescribeDDosAttackEvent Queries DDoS attack events
DescribeDDosAttackEventDetail Queries DDoS attack event details
DescribeDDosAttackSourceEvent Queries DDoS attack sources
DescribeDDosAttackTopData Queries the top data of DDoS attacks
DescribeDDosMajorAttackEvent Queries the major DDoS attack event
DescribeOverviewL7Data Queries the layer-7 time series traffic data for monitoring
DescribeTimingL4Data Queries the layer-4 time series traffic data
DescribeTimingL7AnalysisData Queries the layer-7 time series traffic data for data analysis
DescribeTimingL7CacheData Queries time-series L7 cached data.
DescribeTopL7AnalysisData Queries the layer-7 top traffic data for data analysis
DescribeTopL7CacheData Queries the top-ranked L7 cached data.
DescribeWebManagedRulesAttackEvents Queries web hosting attack events
DescribeWebManagedRulesData Queries the web hosting rule data
DescribeWebManagedRulesLog Queries web hosting logs
DescribeWebManagedRulesTopData Queries the top data of web hosting rules
DescribeWebProtectionAttackEvents Queries web attack events
DescribeWebProtectionData Queries the web protection data
DescribeWebProtectionLog Queries web protection logs
DownloadL7Logs Downloads layer-7 logs

Content Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePrefetchTask Creates a pre-warming task
CreatePurgeTask Creates a cache purging task
DescribePrefetchTasks Queries the pre-warming task status
DescribePurgeTasks Queries the cache purging history

Site APIs

API Name Feature
CreateDnsRecord Creates a DNS record
CreateOriginGroup Creates an origin group
CreateZone Creates a site
DeleteDnsRecords Batch deletes DNS records
DeleteZone Deletes a site
DescribeCnameStatus Queries the CNAME status of a domain name
DescribeDnsData Obtains collected DNS requests
DescribeDnsRecords Queries DNS records
DescribeDnssec Queries DNSSEC information
DescribeIdentification Queries verification results
DescribeZoneDetails Queries the details of a site
DescribeZones Queries the list of user sites
IdentifyZone Verifies site ownership
ImportDnsRecords Imports DNS records
ModifyDnsRecord Modifies DNS records
ModifyDnssec Modifies DNSSEC
ModifyZone Modifies a site
ModifyZoneCnameSpeedUp Modifies the CNAME acceleration status
ModifyZoneStatus Changes the site status
ReclaimZone Reclaims a site
ScanDnsRecords Scans resolution records

Load Balancing APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLoadBalancing Creates a CLB instance
DeleteLoadBalancing Deletes a CLB instance
DeleteOriginGroup Deletes an origin group
DescribeLoadBalancing Obtains a list of CLB instances
DescribeLoadBalancingDetail Queries the details of a CLB instance
DescribeOriginGroup Gets the list of origin groups
DescribeOriginGroupDetail Gets the details of the origin group
ModifyLoadBalancing Modifies a CLB instance
ModifyLoadBalancingStatus Modifies the status of a CLB instance
ModifyOriginGroup Modifies an origin group

Security Configuration APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCustomErrorPage Creates a custom error page
DescribeBotManagedRules Queries bot managed rules
DescribeDDoSPolicy Queries the DDoS protection configuration
DescribeSecurityPolicy Queries the security protection configuration
DescribeSecurityPolicyList Queries all protected subdomain names
DescribeSecurityPolicyManagedRules Query managed rules
DescribeSecurityPolicyManagedRulesId Queries the details of a managed rule by rule ID
DescribeSecurityPolicyRegions Queries information of all regions
DescribeSecurityPortraitRules Queries bot user profiling rules
DescribeZoneDDoSPolicy Queries all DDoS mitigation configuration
ModifyDDoSPolicy Modifies DDoS mitigation configuration
ModifyDDoSPolicyHost Enables high availability for domain names
ModifySecurityPolicy Modifies the web and bot security configurations

Site Acceleration Configuration APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeHostsSetting Queries detailed domain name configuration
DescribeZoneSetting Queries the site configuration
ModifyZoneSetting Modifies the site configuration

Layer-4 Application Proxy APIs

API Name Feature
CreateApplicationProxy Creates an application proxy
CreateApplicationProxyRule Creates an application proxy rule
CreateApplicationProxyRules Batch creates application proxy rules
DeleteApplicationProxy Deletes an application proxy
DeleteApplicationProxyRule Deletes an application proxy rule
DescribeApplicationProxy Obtains a list of application proxies
DescribeApplicationProxyDetail Obtains the details of an application proxy
ModifyApplicationProxy Modifies an application proxy
ModifyApplicationProxyRule Modifies an application proxy rule
ModifyApplicationProxyRuleStatus Modifies the status of an application proxy rule
ModifyApplicationProxyStatus Modifies the status of an application proxy
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