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Load Balancing-Related Concepts

Last updated: 2024-05-29 10:33:37
    This document introduces the relevant concepts involved in Load Balancing.
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    Load Balancer

    A load balancer is a virtual concept, comprising Origin groups and health check policies. Within a single load balancer, up to ten origin groups can be configured in priority order, accompanied by one health check policy. The load balancer intelligently directs business traffic based on probe results and the configured traffic scheduling policy.

    Origin Group

    An origin group is the smallest unit of origin configuration within the Load Balancing. You can add one or more origins. When you add multiple Origin Servers, you can configure weights to adjust traffic load. For more details, see Origin Group Configuration.

    Health Check Policy

    The health check policy consists of probe methods and health assessment criteria. Currently, four probe methods are supported: ICMP Ping, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, and UDP. For more details, see Detailed Health Checks.

    Traffic Scheduling Policy

    The traffic scheduling policy only takes effect when the health check policy is enabled. Currently, it supports a Failover-by-Priority-Order policy, that is, based on probe results, it disables failed origins and routes traffic to healthy ones according to the priority order of origin groups.

    Request Retry Policy

    In the event of a request failure to a particular origin during normal business operations, the Load Balancing feature, guided by its request retry policy, can schedule the request to another origin for a retry. This helps reduce business request failures due to network issues or origin malfunctions. For more details, see the Introduction to Request Retry Policy.
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