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Cross-Account Access Role

Last updated: 2023-10-20 15:30:03


    By generating a temporary credential for cross-account access, you can enable one of your Tencent Cloud accounts to play the role of another Tencent Cloud account, and manage Tencent Cloud resources within the scope of authority.


    You already had multiple root accounts. If you want to create one, please refer to register. Assume that you have two Tencent Cloud accounts, Account A and Account B. You want to manage the resources under Account B by using Account B.


    1. Log in with Account A and create the custom role as instructed in Creating Role.
    2. Use the access key for account B to generate a temporary security key by invoking sts: AssumeRole through the Cloud API tool.
    3. Use the key generated in Step 2 as account A to invoke the API through the Cloud API tool. In this case, you can manage Tencent Cloud resources.
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