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Quick Server API Connection

Last updated: 2022-09-05 16:51:01


    This document describes how to use API 3.0 Explorer to debug TTS APIs online and quickly integrate the Tencent Cloud SDK corresponding to the APIs into your local project.


    Activating TTS service

    Before calling TTS APIs, you need to go to the TTS console, read the User Agreement, select I have read and agree to the User Agreement, and click "Activate now".

    After the service is successfully activated, you will get the free tiers of calls for each service, which can be viewed on the Resource Package Management page. In addition, you can also purchase resource packages for various speech recognition service on the TTS purchase page. After the free tiers and number of resource package calls are used up, API calls will be billed in the pay-as-you-go mode and settled daily. For billing details, see Purchase Guide.

    Debugging TTS APIs

    After the TTS service is successfully activated, go to the TTS API 3.0 Explorer online API debugging page, select the API to be called, and enter the input parameters. You can view the specific descriptions of input parameters in the Parameter Description tab on the API 3.0 Explorer UI.


    • When you initiate a request in the online call module, the platform gets the temporary access keys of the current account through the information of the logged-in user and perform operations on the account.
    • Initiating a request is a sensitive operation, and you need to complete authentication for verification purpose. This operation is real and may incur fees. We recommend you carefully read the Purchase Guide to learn more about fees.

    After entering the Input Parameters, select the Code Generation tab, and you can see the automatically generated code in different programming languages (Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, .NET, and C++), and some fields in the generated code are related to the entered content. If you need to adjust the input parameters, you can regenerate the code after modifying the parameter values on the left.

    Select the Online Call tab and click Send Request to make a real request for your debugging and reference.

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