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Last updated: 2022-06-29 18:39:02

    How is TTS billed?

    TTS is pay-as-you-go. For billing details, see Purchase Guide.

    What languages does TTS support?

    Currently, TTS supports Chinese, English, Cantonese, and Chinese-English mix.

    Does TTS support on-premises deployment?

    No. If you need on-premises deployment, submit a ticket for assistance.

    What voices does TTS offer?

    Currently, TTS offers 53 types of voices for your choice, for each of which you can adjust various parameters such as volume and speech rate.

    What are the differences between standard and premium voices?

    Premium voices have higher fidelity and more natural-sounding quality than standard voices. The number range of premium voices start from 101000. Standard voices and premium voices are pay-as-you-go at the rate of 0.125 USD/10,000 characters and 0.185 USD/10,000 characters respectively.

    You can choose voices based on your business needs. For example, in the audiobook scenario, you can use premium voices for frequently accessed top books and use standard voices for other books. This strikes a balance between the user experience and costs.

    Does TTS support custom pronunciation or number reading?

    Yes. Custom pronunciation and number reading can be implemented through SSML.

    Will I be charged extra if I use SSML?

    No. Fees are charged by the number of eventually processed characters.

    Can data be retained in the TTS console?

    TTS APIs don't retain data. Currently, only 200 generated speech files can be retained in the console. We recommend you download the generated files for local storage.

    Does TTS support pause?

    Yes. You can implement this through SSML.

    Does TTS support inserting sound effects of keyboard typing or walking?

    No. TTS converts text to natural-sounding speeches and doesn't support inserting such sound effects.

    Does TTS support generating .mp3 speech files?

    Yes. For detailed directions, see TextToVoice.

    Does TTS support generating video files?


    Can I use the speeches generated by TTS for commercial purposes?

    Yes, but this depends on your business. TTS doesn't limit the use cases of speeches as long as they are legal.

    Can I set a pause between two text segments?

    Yes. You can customize the interval by using the break tag in SSML.

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