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Last updated: 2022-06-29 18:39:31

See Application Programming Interface.

Text to Speech
Text to speech (TTS) is part of human-machine interaction that enables machines to talk to users. As an application of synthesis of text to speech, TTS converts text files or webpages stored in computers into natural speech output. It not only helps visually impaired people "read" information in computers, but also increases the readability of text documents.

Queries per second (QPS) measures the concurrent requests processed per second. 1 QPS means that the API processes 1 request per second, and 50 QPS means that the API processes 50 requests per second.

A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of development tools used by software engineers to create application software for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, and operating systems.

See Text to Speech.

Application Programming Interface
Application programming interface (API) refers to the code that a software system provides for an application to call.
Developers can call a set of functional APIs without having to consider the underlying source code or understand the internal working mechanisms.
API includes Windows API and Linux API.

Voice is the quality of a speech. Different people have different voices.

Characters are used to calculate the volume of processed text. Each letter, punctuation mark, or space is counted as one character.

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