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Last updated: 2023-03-06 16:06:04

    Lightweight deployment, high performance, and low RAM consumption

    TCSS offers server and container security protection capabilities, and supports simple installation and lightweight deployment. In addition, it strictly limits resource usage by the agent. When it is overloaded, it is automatically downgraded to ensure normal system running; when it is normally loaded, the usage is low.

    Full-lifecycle container security protection

    To address the risks involved throughout the container lifecycle, TCSS provides rich security features such as container asset management, image security, and runtime intrusion detection. It safeguards containers throughout their entire lifecycle from image generation and storage to runtime and helps you set up a container security protection system.

    Visual security operations analysis capabilities

    TCSS is constantly empowered by diversified operations features such as security alarm viewing and responding to visualize security, improve the operations capabilities, and simplify Ops.

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