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Enabling Pay-As-You-Go

Last updated: 2023-03-24 15:29:26
    This document describes how to enable pay-as-you-go for basic and value-added services as well as the pay-as-you-go billing mode.

    Enabling Pay-as-You-Go

    Basic services include real-time audio/video, low-latency playback, and standard playback. You can enable pay-as-you-go based on your actual business needs. Excessive usage can be billed in pay-as-you-go mode only on a daily basis.
    In addition to the three basic services, LCIC also provides on-cloud recording, on-cloud storage, and VOD playback. These three value-added services must be used together with the basic services. Any usage beyond what is provided by the package can be billed in pay-as-you-go mode only on a daily basis.

    Enabling pay-as-you-go on the purchase page

    You can select Auto-enable pay-as-you-go (selected by default) when creating an application and purchasing a package on the purchase page. In this way, any usage beyond the package will be billed in pay-as-you-go mode.

    Pay-as-You-Go Billing Description

    Pricing for basic services
    0.0025 USD/minute (regardless of the video definition when no students mic on)
    0.00488 USD/minute
    0.0099 USD/minute
    0.0148 USD/minute
    0.0099 USD/minute
    0.0148 USD/minute
    0.0197 USD/minute
    0.0148 USD/minute
    0.0197 USD/minute
    Note: "1vN" indicates the maximum number of concurrent mic-on users; for example, "1v16" indicates up to 17 users (including the teacher) can mic on concurrently.
    Pricing for value-added services
    On-cloud recording
    0.0049 USD/minute
    On-cloud storage
    0.0045 USD/GB/day
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