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Creating a Reservation

Last updated: 2022-01-18 11:07:03


    This document describes how to create a dedicated reservation in the CVM console. A dedicated reservation allows you to reserve resources to guarantee a sufficient supply of resources.


    Upon the creation of a dedicated reservation, the requested instances are reserved for you. Note that idle resources in the dedicated reservation will incur an idle fee. For details, see Dedicated Reservation Billing.


    1. Log in to the CVM console, and click Dedicated Reservation in the left sidebar.

    2. Click Create Dedicated Reservation on the Dedicated Reservation list page.

    3. Complete the configuration as shown below:

      Reservation type Yes
      • For repeated reservations, you can create pay-as-you-go CVM instances repeatedly within the quota.
      Region Yes Select the region closest to your users to minimize the access latency and improve the access speed
      Availability Zone Yes If you need to reserve multiple CVM instances, it’s recommended to create multiple reservations in different AZs for disaster recovery. For more information, please see Regions and AZs.
      Placement Group No Add the instances to placement groups to improve your business availability. Configure as instructed in Placement Group.
      • If Placement Group is enabled for the reservation, the same placement group need to be specified to create an instance.
      • If Placement Group is not enabled, the reservation can take effect when the new instance has the same AZ, instance type and specification as the reservation.
      Period Yes The validity period of a reservation. Options include 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. The idle resources will be released directly upon expiration of the reservation.
      Quantity Yes The quantity of CVMs to be reserved.
    4. Click Enable now.
      After the creation, you can check the created reservations.

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