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Cloud Block Storage

Last updated: 2024-01-08 09:12:28
    Tencent Cloud Block Storage (CBS) provides a persistent block storage service for CVM instances.
    CBS automatically stores data in multiple redundant copies in an availability zone to eliminate the risk of single points of data failure, providing up to 99.9999999% data reliability.
    CBS offers cloud disks of multiple types and specifications to achieve stable and low-latency storage performance.
    Cloud disks can be attached to and detached from CVM instances in the same availability zone. It takes only a few minutes to adjust the disk capacity.

    Typical Use Cases

    When your CVM is running out of disk space, you can purchase one or more cloud disks and attach them to the CVM.
    You don’t need to purchase extra storage capacity while purchasing a CVM. You can purchase cloud disks later when it’s necessary.
    When you need to transfer data from one CVM to another, just detach the cloud data disk from the source CVM and attach it to the target CVM.
    Use multiple cloud disks to form a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to go beyond the physical limit of a single cloud disk.
    Use multiple cloud disks to form a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) configuration to go beyond the I/O performance limit of a single cloud disk.


    The lifecycle of a non-elastic cloud disk is the same as that of the CVM. It is purchased with the CVM and used as a system disk. It cannot be attached to or detached from CVMs.
    The lifecycle of an elastic cloud disk is independent from CVM instances. You can attach multiple cloud disks to a CVM instance as data disks, detach them, and then reattach them to another instance.


    Four types of cloud disks are provided, including Premium Cloud Storage, SSD, Enhanced SSD, and Tremendous SSD. Each type has unique performance and characteristics, and the price varies. You can choose the cloud disk type that best suits your application requirements. For more information, see Cloud Disk Types and Price Overview.

    Relevant Operations

    For information on CVM instance and cloud disk configurations, see Creating Cloud Disks and Attaching Cloud Disks.
    For information about best practices for capacity expansion, detachment, termination, and other operations, see the CBS documentation.
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