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Common Request Parameters

Last updated: 2022-05-16 15:26:38

Common parameters are required in every API for authenticating users and the APIs. Unless otherwise required, they will not be described in individual API documents.

Parameter Type Description Required
Action String Command API name of a specific operation, such as DescribeInstances. Yes
Region String Identifies the region where the instance you want to operate on resides. Valid values:
gz: Guangzhou; sh: Shanghai; bj: Beijing; cd: Chengdu
cq: Chongqing; hk: Hong Kong (China); sg: Singapore; th: Bangkok
kr: Seoul; jp: Tokyo; ru: Moscow; de: Frankfurt
in: Mumbai; ca: Toronto; usw: Silicon Vally; use: Virginia
Timestamp UInt Current Unix timestamp. Yes
Nonce UInt A random positive integer, which is used in conjunction with `Timestamp` to prevent replay attacks. Yes
SecretId String SecretId applied from Tencent Cloud which is used for identification. Each SecretId corresponds to a unique SecretKey, while SecretKey is used to generate request Signature.
For more information, see Signature Method.
Signature String Request signature, which is used to verify the validity of the current request. For more information, see Signature Method. Yes

The format of common request parameters in API request links is shown below. Take Tencent Cloud CVM as an example, suppose you need to query the list of CVM instances, the request link of "Action=DescribeInstances" should be:


instanceId is a command parameter, and others are common parameters.

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