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Last updated: 2020-08-03 11:14:20

    Security group

    A security group is a stateful virtual firewall capable of filtering packets. It can be used to set network access controls for one or more CVM instances. Instances with the same network security isolation demands in one region can be put into the same security group, and their outbound and inbound traffic can be filtered through the network policy of the group.


    For more information, please see Cloud Load Balancer.


    A region is where Tencent Cloud managed data centers are located. There can be different availability zones (AZs) in one region.
    For example, Beijing is a region where managed data centers are located, while Beijing Zone 1 is an AZ. Tencent Cloud services in the same region can communicate with each other over the private network, while those in different regions cannot. You are recommended to select the region closest to your end users so as to minimize access latency and improve download speed.

    Cloud Load Balancer

    Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) is a secure, stable, and elastically scalable traffic distribution service provided by Tencent Cloud. It can improve system availability by avoiding single points of failure.

    CLB listener

    A CLB listener provides request distribution rules and consists of listening ports, load balancing policies, and health check configurations. Requests are forwarded to the real server according to listener configurations. A CLB instance should have at least one listener.

    CLB instance

    A CLB instance is a running CLB service. To use CLB, a CLB instance must be created first.

    Real server

    A real server (RS) is a set of CVM instances that are used to process the requests distributed by CLB.


    For more information, please see Real server.

    Virtual private cloud

    A virtual private cloud (VPC) builds a separate network space in Tencent Cloud, which is very similar to a traditional network run in your IDC, except that the services hosted in a VPC are resources of your Tencent Cloud services such as CVM, CLB, and TencentDB. You don't have to care about the procurement and OPS of network devices at all; instead, you only need to customize IP ranges, IP addresses, routing policies, etc. through easy-to-use software programs. You can use EIPs, NAT gateways, and public gateways to flexibly access the internet or interconnect a VPC with your IDC through VPN or Direct Connect. In addition, the peering connection service of VPC can help you easily implement unified server for global access and 2-region-3-DC disaster recovery, and the security group and network ACL features of VPC can satisfy your network security needs in a multi-dimension and comprehensive manner.


    For more information, please see Virtual IP.


    For more information, please see Virtual Private Cloud.

    Virtual IP

    A virtual IP (VIP) is an IP address assigned by the system to a CLB instance. You can choose whether to open it to the internet so as to create a private network or public network CLB instance. You can resolve a domain name to a public VIP to provide services.

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