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Creating IPv6 NAT64 CLB Instances

Last updated: 2022-07-28 16:17:31

    • IPv6 NAT64 CLB can only be created in three regions: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
    • IPv6 NAT64 CLB does not support classic CLB.
    • IPv6 implementations are still at the preliminary stage across the internet. In case of access failure, please submit a ticket. SLA is not guaranteed during the beta test period.

    CLB supports creating IPv6 NAT64 CLB instances. Tencent Cloud will assign an IPv6 public IP address, i.e., VIP of the IPv6 edition, to an instance, and the VIP will forward requests from IPv6 clients to the real IPv4 CVM instance.

    What Is an IPv6 NAT64 CLB Instance?

    An IPv6 NAT64 CLB instance is a load balancer implemented based on the IPv6 NAT64 transitional technology. Through an IPv6 NAT64 CLB instance, real servers can be quickly accessed by IPv6 users without any IPv6 modification required.

    IPv6 NAT64 CLB Architecture

    The IPv6 NAT64 CLB architecture is as shown below.

    When IPv6 NAT64 CLB is accessed from an IPv6 network, CLB can smoothly convert IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses to adapt to existing services.

    IPv6 NAT64 CLB Advantages

    Tencent Cloud IPv6 NAT64 CLB has the following advantages when helping your business quickly connect to IPv6:

    • Quick connection: CLB enables connection to IPv6 in a matter of seconds and is available upon purchase.
    • Smooth business transition: In order to smoothly transit your business to IPv6, you only need to transform the client with no modifications required for real servers. IPv6 NAT64 CLB supports access from IPv6 clients and converts IPv6 messages into IPv4 messages. IPv6 transition is imperceptible to applications on real servers, which still work in their original way.
    • Ease of use: IPv6 NAT64 CLB is compatible with IPv4 CLB flowchart and easy to use with no additional learning costs incurred.

    Operation Guide

    Creating an IPv6 NAT64 CLB instance

    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud console and go to the CLB purchase page.
    2. Select options for the following parameters correctly:
    • Billing Mode: Supports pay-as-you-go billing.
    • Region: Only Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are supported.
    • Instance Type: CLB.
    • Network Type: Public network.
    • IP version: IPv6 NAT64.
    • Network: VPC.
    • Other configurations are the same as general instance configurations.
    1. After configuring the above items, click Buy now, and return to Instance Management page where you can view the IPv6 CLB instance you just purchased.

    Using IPv6 NAT64 CLB

    Log in to the CLB Console and click an instance ID to enter the details page. On the Listener Management tab, you can configure listeners and forwarding rules, and bind CVM instances. For more information, see Getting Started with CLB.


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