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Last updated: 2020-08-04 14:33:13
Date Updates
May 17, 2019 RegisterInstancesWithForwardLBSeventhListener;








The preceding APIs added the eniIp input parameter, indicating the IP of a backend device bound, which consisted of
1. Primary IP of the primary ENI;
2. Secondary IP of the primary ENI;
3. Primary IP of the secondary ENI;
4.Secondary IP of the secondary ENI.
The eniIp input parameter cannot be used together with instanceId for the same backend.

The DescribeForwardLBBackends API added the output parameters including uniqEniId and targetType.
uniqEniId: unique ID of the ENI.
targetType: backend device type, such as CVM and ENI.
December 7, 2017 Optimized the structure by product types, including Classic CLB and CLB.
April 27, 2016 The CreateLoadBalancer API added the unLoadBalancerIds response field.

The DescribeLoadBalancers API supported unLoadBalancerId and added input parameters including orderType, searchKey and projectId.

The DescribeLoadBalancersByInstances API added the projectId input parameter.

The DeleteLoadBalancers supported unLoadBalancerId and added the requestId output parameter.

The CreateLoadBalancerListeners API supported unLoadBalancerId and added input parameters including listeners.n.listenerName, listeners.n.sessionExpire, listeners.n.healthSwitch, listeners.n.timeOut, listeners.n.intervalTime, listeners.n.healthNum, listeners.n.unhealthNum, and listeners.n.httpHash.

The DescribeLoadBalancerListeners API supported unLoadBalancerId, and added the listenerIds.n input parameter, and output parameters including unListenerId, sessionExpire, healthSwitch, timeOut, intervalTime, healthNum, unhealthNum, and httpHash.

The DeleteLoadBalancerListeners API supported unLoadBalancerId and unListenerId.

The RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer API supported unLoadBalancerId.

The DeregisterInstancesFromLoadBalancer API supported unLoadBalancerId.

The DescribeLoadBalancerBackends API supported unLoadBalancerId.

The ModifyLoadBalancerBackends API supported unLoadBalancerId.

The DescribeLBHealth API supported unLoadBalancerId.

The DescribeLBHealthStatus API supported unLoadBalancerId and unListenerId.

The ModifyLBHealth API supported unLoadBalancerId.

Added the ModifyLoadBalancerListener API.

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