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Last updated: 2022-05-06 17:13:16
    • The default route table of a VPC cannot be deleted.

    • After a VPC is created, its route table will be automatically provided with a default route, indicating that all resources in this VPC are interconnected through the private network. This routing policy cannot be modified or deleted.

      Destination Next hop type Next hop
      Local Local Local
    • Dynamic routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF are not supported.

    • Routes can be published to CCN.The following routes can be published to CCN.

      Next hop type Publishing to CCN by default Manually publishing or withdrawing Description
      Local Supported Not supported Assigned by the system. The VPC IP range connecting to CCN will be automatically published to CCN, including primary and secondary CIDR blocks (except for TKE IP ranges).
      CVM Not supported Supported A custom route to CVM. When the IP range is all 0 or the routing policy is disabled, the route cannot be published to CCN.
      HAVIP Not supported Supported Custom route to HAVIP. When the IP range is all 0 or the routing policy is disabled, the routes cannot be published to CCN.

      • A disabled custom route cannot be published to CCN.
      • A custom route should be withdrawn first before it can be disabled if it has been published to a CCN.
      • The HAVIP unbound to a CVM cannot be published to the CCN. Please retry after binding it to a CVM.

      Quota Limits

      Resource Limit
      Number of route tables per VPC 10
      Number of route tables associated with each subnet 1
      Number of routing policies per route table 50
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