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About Product Quota

Last updated: 2022-02-11 16:12:11

    Is there a quota limit for VPC instances? How many VPCs can be created for each account?

    Some VPC resources are subject to usage quota limits. By default, an account can create up to 20 VPCs in each region.

    How many EIPs can one account apply for?

    • Each Tencent Cloud account can apply for up to 20 EIPs in each region.
    • For each Tencent Cloud account, the daily upper limit of purchase chances defaults to 40 (quota * 2). After an EIP is unbound, each account can be reassigned with public IP addresses for 10 times per day free of charge.
    • Each bill-by-CVM account has a free daily quota of 10 chances to get public IP addresses after unbinding an EIP. For more information, see the Quota Limits section in Elastic IP (EIP).
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