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Migration Solutions

Last updated: 2022-03-01 23:43:22

    This document describes how to migrate from your resources from the classic network to VPC.


    Before switching the network, you need to create a VPC in the same region as the classic network instance to be migrated and create a subnet in the same AZ as the instance. For more information, see Creating VPCs.

    Tencent Cloud provides the two migration solutions below:

    • Migrating a ingle instance: Choose this if you only need to migrate instances one by one.
    • Hybrid access: if your business involves CVM, CLB, and TencentDB instances, you can use this solution to ensure a smooth business migration.

    Migrating a Single Instance

    You can easily migrate a instance from the classic network to a VPC. See below for details.

    Instance Features
    • The instance needs to be restarted
    • The classic network IP is immediately changed to the VPC IP, with no retention time
    • If the CVM instance has a public IP, the public IP will stay unchanged after the network switch, which will not affect the access at domain name
    TencentDB for MySQL Dual-IP access is maintained for a certain period of time. The original classic network IP retention time is as follows:
    • MySQL: 24 hours (1 day) by default and up to 168 hours (7 days)
    • MariaDB: 24 hours (1 day)
    • TDSQL: 24 hours (1 day)
    • Redis: you can choose to expire immediately, release after 1 day, release after 2 days, release after 3 days, or release after 7 days
    • MongoDB: the original IP on v4.0 or above will expire immediately. For other versions, you can choose to expire immediately, release after 1 day, release after 2 days, release after 3 days, or release after 7 days
    TencentDB for MariaDB
    TDSQL for MySQL
    TencentDB for Redis
    TencentDB for MongoDB
    TencentDB for PostgreSQL You can configure up to two networks for each instance, both of which can be used for business access. The IPs of different networks can be the same.

    If you want to keep the resource IP addresses unchanged after the network switch, try to create a VPC that covers the classic network IP.

    • Create a private DNS service and resolve its domain name. After migrating the resources to a VPC, use Tencent Cloud Private DNS.
    • Access using the public IP.

    Hybrid Access Solution During the Migration

    Hybrid access means the services being migrated can access both the classic network and a VPC. Tencent Cloud provides the following hybrid access solutions:

    • TencentDB: the accessibility of classic network IP and VPC IP ensures the hybrid access at the TencentDB instance level.
    • COS: access through domain name naturally provides the hybrid access capability.
    • CVM:
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