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Configuring CDN from Scratch

Last updated: 2021-11-25 15:09:19


    Signing up for Tencent Cloud account

    If you already have a Tencent Cloud account, ignore this step.

    Verifying your identity

    You can complete identity verification in the CDN console. For more information, see Identity Verification Guide.


    Activating CDN

    CDN supports two service regions, namely, Chinese mainland and Outside Chinese mainland. Currently, it can be billed only by traffic hourly. For more information on billing rules, see Billing Overview.

    Indicate your consent to the Terms of Service, click Activate CDN, and start using the acceleration service.


    ECDN is a product specially optimized by Tencent Cloud based on CDN for dynamic business acceleration scenarios. You can directly use it in the CDN console. For more information on ECDN, see Enterprise Content Delivery Network.

    Subsequent Steps

    Adding domain name

    After activating CDN, you should add your business domain names to be accelerated to CDN, so your users' access to it can be accelerated. For more information, see Adding Domain Names.

    Configure CNAME

    After connecting your domain name to CDN, you need to configure the CNAME with your domain name provider. The CDN service will be available after the configuration takes effect. For more information, see Configuring CNAME.

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