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Pricing Overview

Last updated: 2023-04-18 12:02:57

    Billing Mode

    ECDN is billed based on the number of requests and excessive traffic, i.e., the total fees include fees incurred by requests and fees incurred by traffic in excess of the free tier.

    Billing by Request

    ECDN's billing by request is based on a monthly cumulative tier at the following tiered prices:

    Billing Mode Monthly Tier Unit Price (USD/10,000 Requests)
    Billing by request 0–50 million (inclusive) 0.029
    50 million–100 million (inclusive) 0.026
    100 million–500 million (inclusive) 0.024
    500 million–1 billion (inclusive) 0.023
    > Above 1 billion 0.021

    For specific fee calculation methods, please see Billing Overview.

    Billing by Excessive Traffic

    When you use ECDN, the platform will offer you a certain free tier based on your number of actual requests, so you only need to pay for the traffic exceeding the free tier.

    Billing Mode Free Traffic Tier (GB/10,000 Requests) Unit Price of Excessive Traffic (USD/GB)
    Billing by excessive traffic 0.25 0.143

    For specific fee calculation methods, please see Billing Overview.


    1GB = 1000MB、1 MB= 1000 KB; 1Gbps = 1000Mbps、1Mbps = 1000Kbps

    VIP Customer Billing

    If your Tencent Cloud service fees are greater than or expected to be greater than 100,000 CNY per month, you can contact us for business negotiation to get more favorable discounted prices and more flexible billing modes.

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