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Resource Isolation Policy

Last updated: 2022-04-01 15:10:07

This document describes three resource isolation policies of TencentDB for MySQL: basic, general, and dedicated.


  • The former "Basic Edition" has been renamed "basic single-node”, and the former "Single-node High IO Edition" has been renamed "general single-node".
  • Two-node and three-node instances support the general and dedicated policies. The dedicated policy is currently in beta; therefore, to purchase dedicated instances, please submit a ticket.
Resource Isolation Policy Description
Basic Only single-node instances support this policy. A basic single-node instance (formerly Basic Edition) supports computation-storage separation and stores data on cloud disks.
  • A general instance exclusively uses the allocated memory and disk resources and shares the CPU resources with other general instances on the same physical machine.
  • A general instance benefits from higher specifications at a lower cost by sharing CPU resources.
  • A general instance's disk capacity is unaffected by its CPU and memory specs.
  • Dedicated
  • A dedicated instance has exclusive access to the CPU, memory, and disk resources (if CPU pinning is enabled). It has long-term stability and is unaffected by the activities of other instances on the physical machine.
  • A dedicated instance with the highest configurations can monopolize a physical machine and all of its resources.
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