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CATS Transaction Scheduling Algorithm

Last updated: 2022-03-07 15:46:42

    Feature Overview

    TXSQL supports the Contention-Aware Transaction Scheduling (CATS) algorithm. This new algorithm automatically detects lock contention between transactions and schedules them based on their scheduling weights.
    MySQL supports another transaction scheduling algorithm, aka First In First Out (FIFO), which was introduced earlier than CATS. When multiple transactions are waiting for the same lock, CATS prioritizes them by assigning a scheduling weight which is computed based on the number of transactions that a transaction blocks. The transaction with a higher scheduling weight will be executed sooner. Thus, transaction throughput is improved.

    Supported Versions

    • Kernel version: MySQL 5.7 20190230 and above.
    • Kernel version: MySQL 8.0 20200630 and above.

    Use Cases

    This feature is suitable for use cases under high concurrency and heavy lock contention.

    Performance Data

    TPS is improved by more than 50% under high concurrency and heavy lock contention.

    • Test method: use the oltp_read_write.lua script of sysbench (pareto random type enabled) to test TPS on eight tables (10 MB data) at the REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation level
    • Test environment: TencentDB instance with 32 cores and 128 GB memory
    Thread Count FCFS (FIFO) CATS Performance Improvement
    128 11,999 12,005 0%
    256 6,609 10,137 53%
    512 3,453 9,365 171%
    1,024 2,196 7,015 219%

    Use Instructions

    In MySQL 5.7, you can use the global parameter innodb_trx_schedule_algorithm to specify the transaction scheduling algorithm. The default value is auto.
    Valid values:

    • auto: automatically adjust the transaction scheduling algorithm based on current system status. If the number of threads waiting for a lock exceeds 32, adopt CATS; otherwise, adopt First Come First Serve (FCFS), an algorithm similar to FIFO.
    • fcfs: adopt the FCFS algorithm.
    • cats: adopt the Contention-Aware Transaction Scheduling algorithm.
    Parameter Effective Immediately Type Default Value Valid Values/Value Range Description
    innodb_trx_schedule_algorithm Yes string auto [auto,fcfs,cats] Specify the transaction scheduling algorithm

    Currently, you cannot directly modify the values of the above parameters. If needed, submit a ticket for assistance.

    In MySQL 8.0, auto is the only valid value.

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