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Test Methods

Last updated: 2022-03-24 15:12:45

    This document describes the method of TencentDB for MySQL performance test.


    Use SysBench to test the mixed read/write performance of the TencentDB for MySQL instance.

    1. Prepare the data.

      sysbench --db-driver=mysql --mysql-host=XXX --mysql-port=XXX --mysql-user=XXX --mysql-password=XXX --mysql-db=sbtest --table_size=25000 --tables=250 --events=0 --time=600  oltp_read_write prepare
    2. Run the workload.

      sysbench --db-driver=mysql  --mysql-host=XXX --mysql-port=XXX --mysql-user=XXX --mysql-password=XXX --mysql-db=sbtest --table_size=25000 --tables=250 --events=0 --time=600   --threads=XXX --percentile=95 --report-interval=1 oltp_read_write run
    3. Clear the data.

      sysbench --db-driver=mysql  --mysql-host=XXX --mysql-port=XXX --mysql-user=XXX --mysql-password=XXX --mysql-db=sbtest --table_size=25000 --tables=250 --events=0 --time=600   --threads=XXX --percentile=95  oltp_read_write cleanup
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