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Last updated: 2022-04-26 11:33:31

    The strengths described in this document are exclusive to dual-node and three-node TencentDB for MySQL instances.

    Cost Effectiveness and Ease of Use

    • Read/write separation is supported
      Read-only replicas can be mounted to TencentDB for MySQL. One-source-multiple-replica architecture allows you to respond to massive requests. RO group with load balancing feature is supported to greatly optimize the pressure distribution among read-only replicas.

    • Powerful hardware ensures high performance
      NVMe SSD features high IO performance, ensuring smooth reads and writes.
      A maximum of 240,000 QPS and a maximum storage space of 6 TB are supported for an instance.

    High Security

    • Protection against DDoS attacks
      When your business suffers a DDoS attack, this feature can help you resist various attack traffic to ensure normal operation.

    • Protection against database attacks
      Effectively defend against database attacks like SQL injection and brute force attacks.

    High Reliability

    Data is stored online in a source-replica architecture to ensure security. Moreover, it can be backed up and stored for an extended period of time, allowing for data recovery in the event of a database disaster.

    • Data encryption
      Transparent data encryption (TDE) feature guarantees the security of real-time data and backup data.

    • Database audit
      Financial-grade data audit feature helps prevent core data theft, trace non-compliant operations, and locate malicious pulls.

    High Availability

    • Real-time hot backup
      The dual-server hot backup mechanism supports lossless restoration of data from the last 7–1830 days based on data backup and log backup (binlog). Such backups can be retained for 7–1830 days.

    • Automatic disaster recovery
      Automatic failure detection and failover are supported. Users are not aware of source-replica switchover or failover.

    Advantages over Self-built Databases

    • Easy management of massive databases
      Databases can be managed via command line or console. Batch database management, permission setting, and SQL import are supported.

    • Data import and backup rollback
      Multiple data import methods are provided for initialization. Data is backed up automatically on a daily basis. TencentDB allows data to be rolled back to any point in time within the retention period based on backup files.

    • Professional monitoring and alarm
      You can monitor resources from multiple dimensions and customize alarming thresholds for them. You can also download reports about slow query analysis and SQL running.

    • A variety of access methods
      Access to the public network and VPC is supported. You can connect TencentDB instances to your IDC, a private cloud, or other computing resources for deployment in a hybrid cloud conveniently.

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