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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-03-31 18:08:54


    Gaming scenarios generally require elastic scaling and fast rollback.

    • TencentDB for MySQL supports elastic scaling of compute resources, enabling you to deploy game servers in multiple regions in minutes.
    • It also supports rollback and batch operation, allowing you to restore to any point in time for gaming rollback.

    Web/Mobile Apps

    TencentDB for MySQL can serve as the storage medium of server data in web and mobile apps. For scenarios where there are more reads than writes, read-only instances can be created for frequently read databases, which greatly improves the read performance.


    TencentDB for MySQL offers a variety of services to ensure high security and reliability for financial transaction and account data, including security audit, cross-region disaster recovery, and strong data consistency.


    TencentDB for MySQL offers high performance and fast Redis reads and writes, allowing you to handle high-concurrency access traffic and business peaks during sales and marketing campaigns with ease.

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