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Last updated: 2021-05-31 17:47:49

    How is TencentDB for SQL Server priced?

    TencentDB for SQL Server comes with a genuine Microsoft license and can be billed in a pay-as-you-go (postpaid) manner.
    The price consists of two parts: instance specification (memory capacity) and storage space (disk capacity). For pricing details for different regions, please see Product Pricing.

    How do I purchase a TencentDB for SQL Server instance?

    Log in to the TencentDB for SQL Server Console to create an instance or purchase an instance directly on the purchase page.

    Do I have to buy an SQL Server license?

    Tencent Cloud can provide TencentDB instances with "license included". The price of a "license included" model includes a SQL Server software license, underlying hardware resources, and TencentDB management features, so you don't need to purchase a Microsoft SQL Server license separately.
    With a "license included" database, you only need to pay for instance specifications and usage duration and don't have to worry about hardware and licensing costs. Therefore, you only pay low variable costs instead of high fixed costs, which helps you reduce IT costs.

    • Purchasing TencentDB for SQL Server does not mean that you purchased a Microsoft SQL Server long-term license contract; therefore, you should not use the TencentDB license outside of this service. For more information, please see Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Terms and Online Services Terms.
    • The basic price of TencentDB for SQL Server does not include other Microsoft or Tencent Cloud services.

    How do I apply for a refund if I purchased an instance in a wrong region?

    Please read the refund description and policies before returning the instance.

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