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Product Overview

Last updated: 2021-07-08 14:29:24

    Licensed by Microsoft, TencentDB for SQL Server continuously provides you with the latest features and helps you avoid the risks with unauthorized use of the software. It features out-of-the-box usage, high stability, reliability, and security, data security protection, and failover in a matter of seconds, enabling you to focus more on application development itself.


    As one of the earliest commercial database products, SQL Server supports complex SQL queries with excellent performance. Thanks to its comprehensive support for applications based on the Windows .NET Framework, it is widely used in such fields as government services, finance, healthcare, retail, education, and gaming.

    Deployment Architecture

    TencentDB for SQL Server supports three deployment architectures:

    Basic Edition

    It separates computing and storage based on premium cloud disks and is deployed on a single node.

    Dual-Server High Availability Edition

    It consists of one primary SQL Server database and one mirror SQL Server database deployed across racks/AZs.

    Cluster Edition

    It adopts the Always On architecture, including one primary and one replica deployed across racks/AZs by default.

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