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Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-07-08 17:44:53

    Ecommerce, O2O, and Tourism

    TencentDB for SQL Server provides stable and high-performance database solutions for transaction and order systems based on Microsoft C# and ASP.NET. It is specially optimized for flash sales scenarios to break through the performance bottleneck during high-concurrency update of hotspot data.


    TencentDB for SQL Server offers a high-availability master/slave architecture and automated failover at the second level for core application databases for fund transactions, transfers, and accounting in banking, insurance, securities, funds, and internet finance that require extremely high data security.
    It supports data encryption, network isolation, and access control to ensure data security and provides flexible data backup and restoration solutions to satisfy high data reliability requirements.


    Adapted to the characteristics of the gaming industry, TencentDB for SQL Server provides powerful elastic scalability of resources and enables deployment of databases for region-specific game servers in just minutes. Its high-availability master/slave architecture and high-security linkage implement automated imperceptible failover for data rollback with higher stability and efficiency. All these advantages help deliver a smoother gaming experience to large numbers of online players.

    Mobile Work

    TencentDB for SQL Sever supports quick deployment of mobile work platforms such as office automation (OA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and sales management, where the data is stored in cloud-based databases in Tencent Cloud's secure subnets for protection by multiple measures and improved reliability.

    Data Warehouse and Data Analysis Platform

    TencentDB for SQL Sever helps you conveniently create an in-cloud data warehouse and data analysis platform with SQL Server's built-in business intelligence, IT dashboards, and collaboration with SharePoint.

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