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Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-09-26 14:43:34

    August 2022

    td>Supported smooth reduction to 256 MB specification
    TencentDB for Redis in standard architecture supports smooth reduction of memory capacity from 1 GB or higher to 256 MB.

    Supported slow query of read-only replica TencentDB for Redis supports slow query of read-only replica to help you troubleshoot performance problems of read-only operations. -
    Changing Instance Specification

    July 2022

    Optimized statistical algorithm for traffic and throttling that triggers monitoring metrics TencentDB for Redis now provides optimized statistical algorithm for inbound/outbound traffic and throttling. -
    Supported 256 MB memory specification for standard architecture The minimum memory specification (256 MB) is available for TencentDB for Redis 4.0 and 5.0 Memory Edition (Standard Architecture) instances in more AZs. Performance

    June 2022

    Supported SSL encryption TencentDB for Redis supports SSL encryption to implement encrypted data transfer. SSL Encryption

    May 2022

    Supported minor version upgrade TencentDB for Redis supports minor version upgrade, so that you can upgrade your instance to a newer version for more features. Upgrading Instance Version
    Supported proxy upgrade Minor versions of the TencentDB for Redis proxy are released from time to time to add more database features or fix known bugs. Proxy Upgrade

    April 2022

    Upgraded the global replication feature Multi-AZ instances can be added to a global replication group, and existing instances can be quickly upgraded to global replication instances. Creating Global Replication Group

    February 2022

    Supported architecture upgrade for multi-AZ deployed instances Multi-AZ deployed instances can be upgraded from the standard architecture to cluster architecture. Upgrading Instance Architecture
    Supported instance clone for multi-AZ deployed instances Multi-AZ deployed instances allow you to clone a complete instance from a backup file. Cloning Data

    January 2022

    Supported global replication The global replication feature allows you to add and remove instances, switch instance roles, and delete replication groups. Overview
    Supported custom backup retention period You can apply for customizing the retention period of backup files through an allowlist. Backing up Data
    Added the API for failure simulation Instances in the same AZ support calling the `KillMasterGroup` API for failure simulation testing. KillMasterGroup
    Added the API for master-replica switch Instances in the same AZ support calling the `ChangeReplicaToMaster` API to promote a replica node (group) to a master node for master-replica switch. ChangeReplicaToMaster

    December 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported the 256 MB memory specification for TencentDB for Redis 4.0 and 5.0 Memory Edition (Standard Architecture) The minimum memory specification of TencentDB for Redis 4.0 and 5.0 Memory Edition (Standard Architecture) instances can be 256 MB. Currently, this is supported only in Shanghai Zone 5, Beijing Zone 6, and Guangzhou Zone 6. 2021-12 Performance
    ## November 2021
    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Default parameter templates are supported TencentDB for Redis now provides default parameter templates applicable to Redis 2.8 standard architecture, Redis 4.0 standard architecture, Redis 4.0 cluster architecture, Redis 5.0 standard architecture, and Redis 5.0 cluster architecture. You can view them on the parameter template page in the console. 2021-11 Using Parameter Templates
    Public network address can be enabled You can now enable the public network address for a TencentDB for Redis instance in the console, so that this instance can connect to a CVM in a different VPC over the public network. 2021-11 Configuring the Public Network Address

    July 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported configuring change data capture (CDC) You can configure CDC in the console on your own. CDC records the information of all changes in a table and the median values of changed data entries, which help you better track table changes. 2021-07 CDC
    Supported configuring change tracking (CT) You can configure CT in the console on your own. CT records modifications of table rows and allows you to directly get the latest data from the track table. 2021-07 CT
    Supported configuring database shrinking You can directly shrink database in the console to avoid space waste. 2021-07 Shrinking Database
    Supported configuring parameters in the console You can view and directly modify parameters in the console and view parameter modification logs, which make parameter modification easier. 2021-07 Setting Instance Parameter
    Launched 11 new system and instance monitoring metrics 4 memory and lock performance counter monitoring metrics and 7 physical machine system monitoring metrics are added for enterprise-grade users to comprehensively monitor database performance. 2021-07 Monitoring

    June 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched high-specification instances Dual-Server High Availability Edition, Cluster Edition, and read-only instances are now available in 64-core 512 GB and 90-core 720 GB specifications, meeting the needs of enterprise-grade users. 2021-06 -
    Launched the service in Tokyo Zone 2 TencentDB for SQL Server is now available in Tokyo Zone 2. 2021-06 Regions and AZs

    May 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched TencentDB for SQL Server 2019 TencentDB for SQL Server 2019 is officially launched and supports Basic, High Availability, and Cluster Edition instances, which have great improvements in performance, ease of use, high availability, and security. 2021-05 -
    Launched the service in Beijing Zone 7 TencentDB for SQL Server is now available in Beijing Zone 7. 2021-05 Regions and AZs

    December 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported self-service version and architecture upgrade You can upgrade the version and architecture and scale instances in the console in a self-service manner to easily adjust instances based on your business needs. 2020-12 Adjusting Instance Specification

    November 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported the use of tags TencentDB for SQL Server supports using tags. You can use tags to mark different resource usages, users, and business scenarios under your account. 2020-11 -
    Launched the service in the Chengdu region TencentDB for SQL Server is now available in the Chengdu region. 2020-11 Regions and AZs

    October 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported migration with DTS and optimized cold backup migration DTS supports data migration from self-built SQL Server databases in IDCs, clouds, and other cloud vendors to TencentDB for SQL Server as well as data migration between TencentDB for SQL Server instances.
    Cold backup migration restores data from .bak files, which is applicable to data migration from SQL Server databases in other cloud vendors and self-built SQL Server databases to TencentDB for SQL Server. Multiple migration methods deliver an easier and more user-friendly data migration experience.
  • Cold Backup Migration
  • Migration with DTS
  • July 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched TencentDB for SQL Server Basic (Standalone) Edition TencentDB for SQL Server Basic Edition is launched, which supports cloud `sysadmin` permissions. It provides a complete set of genuinely licensed database solutions with high availability, security, and performance and light OPS. 2020-07 Architecture

    March 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported admin accounts TencentDB for SQL Server supports admin permissions. An admin has read/write permissions for all databases on the instance and thread management permissions and can automatically discover new databases and get their read/write permissions. 2020-03 -

    January 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported Always On clusters TencentDB for SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition instances supports adding read-only instances. The underlying Always On architecture implements the control of cluster capabilities, such as automated data replication, traffic load balancing of read-only instances, and primary/replica switch of primary instances. 2020-01 Architecture

    December 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported setting device maintenance time TencentDB for SQL Server supports setting the maintenance time. To ensure the stability of your TencentDB instance, the backend system performs maintenance operations on the instance during the maintenance time at irregular intervals. 2019-12 Setting Instance Maintenance Information

    October 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported configuring security groups A security group is a stateful virtual firewall capable of filtering. As an important means for network security isolation, it can be used to set network access controls for one or more TencentDB instances. 2019-10 Configuring Security Groups
    Supported recycle bin After a monthly subscribed or pay-as-you-go instance expires or is manually terminated, it can be automatically put in the recycle bin for retention. 2019-10 -

    September 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported creating databases with multiple character sets available in the console TencentDB for SQL Server supports multiple SQL Server character sets provided by Microsoft in the console for your choice when creating databases. 2019-09 Creating Database

    July 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched the service in the Seoul region TencentDB for SQL Server is now available in the Seoul region. 2019-07 Regions and AZs

    June 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported pay-as-you-go billing mode TencentDB for SQL Server supports the pay-as-you-go billing mode. You can select a billing mode based on your business needs. 2019-06 Billing Overview

    May 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported instance configuration upgrade The database instance specification can be upgraded, and the capacity can be expanded. 2019-05 Adjusting Instance Specification

    September 2017

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched SQL Server 2016 TencentDB for SQL Server is now available on SQL Server 2016. 2017-09 -

    December 2016

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported read-only mode for replica servers TencentDB for SQL Server supports read-only mode for replica servers. You can select memory and disks as needed to tailor the database specification for your actual business. The read-only mode is implemented through snapshots, facilitating online data analysis. It doesn't increase the costs, affect the primary database performance, or compromise high availability. 2016-12 -

    May 2016

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Supported SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition TencentDB for SQL Server is now available on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, which is compatible with all features of SQL Server 2008. 2016-05 -

    December 2015

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Launched TencentDB for SQL Server officially TencentDB for SQL Server is officially launched and provides various features such as instance management, instance details, system monitoring, database management, account management, and backup. 2015-12 Overview
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