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High Execution Latency

Last updated: 2022-04-28 14:49:10

    Error Description

    • Symptom 1: the execution latency was high.
    • Symptom 2: the business was affected.

    Common Causes

    • The total number of requests was too high.
    • The traffic and connections were restricted.
    • There were complex commands such as KEYS * and MGET.


    You can check whether the above problems exist based on the monitoring data in the console and your own business logic and make targeted optimizations.

    Troubleshooting Procedure

    1. If the total number of requests is high, see High Number of Total Requests.
    2. If the traffic is restricted, see High Outbound Traffic. If the number of connections is restricted, see High Connection Utilization.
    3. Optimize complex commands. If there is a KEYS *command, you can consider using the SCAN command to traverse in batches instead of using KEYS with a higher time complexity. If there is an MGET command, you can consider splitting it into n operations to get n keys.

    If the problem persists, contact us.

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