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Last updated: 2022-08-03 14:46:04


    TencentDB for MongoDB is a high-performance distributed file storage database service created by Tencent Cloud based on MongoDB, an open-source NoSQL database. It is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and has a rich set of features, such as multi-node high-availability architecture, backup and restoration, elastic scaling, disaster recovery, managed OPS, and performance tuning.

    Data Structure

    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL (non-relational) database. Its data structure consists of fields and values like JSON objects. Below is an example:

      name:"John Smith",

    Storage Structure

    MongoDB's storage structure consists of the following three units:

    • Document: It is the most basic unit in MongoDB and composed of BSON key-value pairs.

      {name:"Jane Smith",sex:"Female",age:25,status:"A"}
    • Collection: A MongoDB collection can contain multiple documents. For example, you can insert documents with different data structures into the same collection.

      {name:"Jane Smith",sex:"Female",age:25,status:"A"}
      {name:"Jane Smith",sex:"Female",age:25,status:"A"}
      {name:"Harry Smith",sex:"Male",age:26,status:"A",groups:["news","sports"]}
    • Database: A MongoDB database can contain multiple collections, and you can create multiple databases.

    Why TencentDB for MongoDB

    For more information, see Strengths and Use Cases.

    Understanding TencentDB for MongoDB

    You can gradually understand TencentDB for MongoDB's terms, system architectures, use limits, and advanced operations.

    Activating TencentDB for MongoDB

    You can learn more about the billable items of TencentDB for MongoDB in Billing Overview, select an appropriate billing mode as needed, and log in to the purchase page with your Tencent Cloud account to activate the service.

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