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Accessing Instance Without Authentication

Last updated: 2022-08-29 17:44:43


    Auth-free access allows you to access your TencentDB instance quickly and efficiently. However, it also involves security risks. We recommend you enable this feature in test or maintenance scenarios and disable it during business operations.

    Version requirements

    Instances on v3.6, v4.0, and v4.2 support auth-free access.


    • Upgrade to support auth-free access involves kernel upgrade and momentary disconnections.
    • After auth-free access is enabled, the instance will restart. Therefore, enable this feature during off-peak hours.


    Enabling auth-free access

    1. Log in to the TencentDB for MongoDB console.
    2. In the MongoDB drop-down list on the left sidebar, select Replica Set Instance or Sharded Cluster Instance. The directions for the two types of instances are similar.
    3. Above the instance list on the right, select the region.
    4. In the instance list, find the target instance.
    5. Click the instance ID to enter the Instance Details page.
    6. On the Instance Details page, click Enable after Auth-Free Access.
    7. In the Enable Auth-Free Access pop-up window, confirm the impact of enabling this feature and click OK.
    8. On the Instance Details page, wait for the instance status to become Running. Then, you can connect to the database at the configured private IPv4 address and port without entering the username and password.

    Disabling auth-free access

    On the Instance Details page, click Disable after Auth-Free Access to disable this feature.

    Relevant operations

    You can access TencentDB for MongoDB databases by using MongoDB shell or drivers in various programming languages as instructed in Connecting to TencentDB for MongoDB Instance.

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