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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-01-25 19:08:31

    As a versatile database with great stability, performance, and scalability, TencentDB for MongoDB can satisfy the needs in most "No-Schema" scenarios. Its typical use cases include:

    Game Application

    TencentDB for MongoDB is especially suitable as game backend databases to meet the ever-changing requirements of game applications. Its No-Schema mode eliminates your pain of changing the table structures and stores players' information, gears, and points in the form of embedded documents, making query and update much easier.

    Mobile Application

    TencentDB for MongoDB supports two-dimensional spatial indexing, which makes it easy to query geolocation relationships, retrieve users' geographic data, and sustain LBS-enabled mobile applications. In addition, its dynamic storage mode is also very ideal for storing heterogeneous data of multiple systems to better meet the needs of mobile applications.

    IoT Application

    Terminal devices in the IoT field such as medical devices and vehicle GPS systems can quickly generate terabytes of data, including the information of all connected smart devices, log data, and multidimensional analysis data.
    TencentDB for MongoDB sharded cluster instances allow you to configure the specifications and number of mongos and shard components as needed, so as to implement unlimited scaling of performance and storage space. It also supports online capacity expansion, making it very suitable for sustaining high write concurrency and processing massive amount of data in IoT scenarios.

    Logistics Application

    As order status is continuously updated during shipping, TencentDB for MongoDB can be used to store order status information in embedded JSON format, so that all order changes can be read more efficiently in one query.

    Video Live Streaming

    TencentDB for MongoDB can be used to conveniently store massive amounts of gift information, user chats, logs, and other data generated in the video live streaming industry. Plus, it offers a rich set of aggregation and query features for easier business analysis.

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