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TencentDB for SQL Server Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2021-08-13 16:16:49



    Monitoring Metrics

    Common metrics

    Parameter Metric Name Description Unit Dimension
    Cpu CPU utilization Percentage of instance CPU usage % resourceId
    Transactions Number of transactions Average number of transactions per second Times/sec resourceId
    Connections Number of connections Average number of databases connected by users per second Count resourceId
    Requests Number of requests Number of requests per second Times/sec resourceId
    Logins Number of logins Number of logins per second Times/sec resourceId
    Logouts Number of logouts Number of logouts per second Times/sec resourceId
    Storage Used storage Sum of storage space consumed by instance database files and log files GB resourceId
    InFlow Inbound traffic Sum of inbound packet sizes for all connections KB/s resourceId
    OutFlow Outbound traffic Sum of outbound packet sizes for all connections KB/s resourceId
    Iops Disk IOPS Disk read/write operations per second Times/sec resourceId
    DiskReads Number of disk reads Number of disk reads per second Times/sec resourceId
    DiskWrites Number of disk writes Number of disk writes per second Times/sec resourceId
    ServerMemory Memory usage Actual memory usage MB resourceId

    Performance optimization metrics

    Parameter Metric Name Description Unit Dimension
    SlowQueries Slow queries Number of slow queries with a running time greater than one second Count resourceId
    BlockedProcesses Number of blocked processes Number of currently blocked processes Count resourceId
    LockedRequests Number of lock requests Average number of lock requests per second Times/sec resourceId
    UserErrors Number of user errors Average number of user errors per second Times/sec resourceId
    SqlCompilations Number of SQL compilations Average number of SQL compilations per second Times/sec resourceId
    SqlRecompilations Number of SQL recompilations Average number of SQL recompilations per second Times/sec resourceId
    FullScans Number of full-table scans for SQL per second Number of full scans without limitations per second Times/sec resourceId
    BufferCacheHitRatio Buffer cache hit rate Data cache (memory) hit rate % resourceId
    LatchWaits Number of latch waits Number of latch waits per second Times/sec resourceId
    LockWaits Average latency on a lock wait Average wait time of each lock request resulting in lock wait ms resourceId
    NetworkIoWaits I/O wait time Average network I/O wait time ms resourceId
    PlanCacheHitRatio Plan cache hit rate The hit rate of a plan. Each SQL statement has a plan with a hit rate % resourceId
    FreeStorage Residual capacity of the hard disk Percentage of the residual capacity of the hard disk % resourceId

    The statistical granularity (period) may vary by metric. The DescribeBaseMetrics API can be used to obtain the period supported by each metric.

    Overview of the Parameters in Each Dimension

    Parameter Name Dimension Name Dimension Description Format
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Name resourceId Dimension name of the instance resource ID Enter a string-type dimension name, such as resourceId
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value resourceId A specific instance resource ID Enter a specific instance resource ID, such as mssql-dh0123456

    Input Parameters

    To query the monitoring data of TencentDB for SQL Server, use the following input parameters:

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