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GAAP Channel Load Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2020-07-14 16:26:46



    Monitoring Metrics

    Metric Description Unit Dimension
    Connum Concurrent connections Count channelId
    Inbandwidth Inbound bandwidth Mbps channelId
    Outbandwidth Outbound bandwidth Mbps channelId
    InPackets Inbound packets Packets/sec channelId
    OutPackets Outbound packets Packets/sec channelId
    PacketLoss Packet loss rate % channelId
    Latency Latency ms channelId

    The statistical granularity (period) may vary by metric. The DescribeBaseMetrics API can be used to obtain the period supported by each metric.

    Overview of the Parameters in Each Dimension

    Parameter Name Dimension Name Dimension Description Format
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Name channelId Dimension name of the acceleration connection ID Enter a string-type dimension name, such as channelId
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value channelId A specific acceleration connection ID Enter a specific acceleration connection ID, such as link-abcd1234

    Input Parameters

    To query the load monitoring data of a GAAP connection, use the following input parameters:


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