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CVM Agents

Last updated: 2021-04-15 10:46:40

    What do I do if there is no CVM monitoring data?

    The possible causes are as follows:

    • The Agent is not installed or launched.
    • The reporting domains cannot be resolved.
    • The Agent failed to obtain the UUID.
    • The CVM instance is shut down or being restarted.
    • The CVM instance is under high load.

    To troubleshoot, please see CVM Has No Monitoring Data.

    What do I do if the Agent cannot be downloaded to the CVM instance?

    If the private DNS of the CVM is incorrectly configured, the Agent will fail to be downloaded and monitoring components will fail to report data. For more information about the private DNS configurations of CVMs, please see Private Network Access.

    What is the installation directory of the Agent?

    • The Agent installation directory for Linux is /usr/local/qcloud/stargate or /usr/local/qcloud/monitor.
    • The Agent installation directory for CoreOs is /var/lib/qcloud/stargate or /var/lib/qcloud/monitor.
    • The Agent installation directory for Windows is C:\Program Files\QCloud\Stargate or C:\Program Files\QCloud\Monitor.

    Why no prompt is displayed after I double-click the installer on Windows?

    The installation on Windows is automatic. The installer automatically exits after installation. If you want to view the prompt during installation, run the installer in CLI mode.

    Why can I only see the sgagent process after installation?

    After the installation is complete, the sgagent process will start first, followed by the barad_agent process to be launched within 5 minutes. Before installation, check whether the disk partition where the installation directory resides is full, whether inode is full, whether the write permission has been granted, and whether the network is normal.

    When can I view the monitoring data in the frontend after the installation?

    If the network is normal, users can view the monitoring data at the frontend 5 minutes after the barad_agent process is started.

    How can I uninstall Agent?

    Run the uninstallation script in the admin sub-directory under the Agent installation directory to automatically uninstall Agent.

    How can I restart Agent monitoring?

    • For Windows
      Choose Server Manager > Service List and select QCloud BaradAgent Monitor to stop and then start Agent.
    • For Linux
      Access the /usr/local/qcloud/monitor/barad/admin directory, run the stop.sh script to stop Agent, and then run the trystart.sh script to start Agent.

    What can cause the installation of monitoring components to fail?

    • Modifying the DNS configuration can cause the backend server connection to fail.
    • If the server is invaded and hackers tamper with PS files, information output will fail.

    After the installation, why does the monitoring chart show that the Agent is not installed?

    If you see a yellow exclamation mark (!) on the monitoring list page in Cloud Monitor > Cloud Product Monitor > Cloud Virtual Machine, log in to the CVM instance and check whether the Agent is running properly. If so, the reported failure may be caused by a network error, which stops the backend from detecting the Agent status of the CVM. In this case, you can enable the firewall. If the problem persists, submit a ticket to contact us for troubleshooting.

    Why is there no monitoring data after Agent is installed?

    You can troubleshoot by referring to CVM Has No Monitoring Data.

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