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Basic Features

Last updated: 2021-08-13 16:14:31

    After purchasing and using Tencent Cloud services supported by Cloud Monitor (CM), you can log in to the Cloud Monitoring console to view service running status and metrics, and configure alarm rules for monitoring items.

    Tencent Cloud services monitoring

    CM offers free monitoring of resources on Tencent Cloud.

    • CM can automatically and accurately collect basic monitoring metrics and store monitoring data in real time.
    • Tencent Cloud Product Monitoring and Dashboard allow you to create custom charts to view metric data and configure alarms. You can also pull metric data through APIs for further use and analysis.

    Most monitoring metrics can be collected and displayed automatically, eliminating the need for manual configuration.
    Some cloud services require you to install and run agent to collect monitoring data, such as CVM and CPM. You can choose automatic installation when purchasing resources for these Tencent Cloud services.

    Alarm Services

    CM provides prompt and personalized alarm services.

    • Based on existing monitoring data, you can configure alarms for cloud resources and custom metrics using default or custom configurations.
    • You can configure different alarm policies (such as event alarms, failure alarms, and threshold alarms) for resources in different OPS scenarios.
    • You can configure different alarm frequencies and logics to distinguish alarms at various levels. You can configure mobile number, emails, and callback URLs to receive alarms promptly in multiple channels.

    Multi-Dimensional Charts

    CM allows you to view existing monitoring data in custom charts.

    1. You can view the monitoring data of cloud resources in monitoring views and details. The latest data is displayed in the graph by default.
    2. On Dashboard, you can subscribe to key metrics, customize metric displays and calculation rules, sort and compare them in lists and charts, troubleshoot and analyze exceptions.
    3. You can view the monitoring data and alarm information of all cloud services under your account in the Cloud Monitoring console.
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