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Monitoring Overview

Last updated: 2020-05-08 18:24:18

    This document describes how to quickly view Tencent Cloud product monitoring information in Cloud Monitoring Console.

    Feature Overview

    Monitor Overview displays an overview of Tencent Cloud product monitoring and alarms, allowing you to view the health status of your Tencent Cloud products in real time and ensure their normal operations.

    Product Overview

    Tencent Cloud product overview displays an overview of the monitored health status of all Tencent Cloud products in the last 24 hours, keeping you informed on the status of all your cloud resources.
    If there is an exception in the chart, you can hover over the exception icon to view its causes.

    Alarm Overview

    Alarm overview displays the statistics and SMS usage of monitored objects in the last 7 days, allowing you to easily view alarms and quickly troubleshoot exceptions.
    If there is a red bar in the chart, you can hover over it to view the exception.

    For more information on monitoring statistics, please see Monitoring Statistics.

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