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Last updated: 2020-05-08 18:24:20

Cloud Monitor documents include the following:

Document Description Target Audience
Product Introduction Provides an introduction to the product, including product overview, strengths, features, use cases, and use limits All users
Purchase Guide Describes how to purchase the product All users
Getting Started Describes basic operations on the product console, including the initialization process and steps as well as relevant restrictions Beginners
Operation Guide Provides a comprehensive guide to operations on the product console and server as well as common use cases Developers
Best Practice Describes product applications in common scenarios, including scenario overview, problem troubleshooting, and solutions Senior developers
Tencent Cloud Product Metrics Describes the meaning, basic unit, dimension and other information of the monitoring variables (metrics) of Tencent Cloud products Developers
API Documentation Provides product API call methods and relevant API descriptions Developers
FAQs Provides answers to common operational and technical questions about the product Beginners
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