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Last updated: 2021-06-08 16:31:02

    What is Cloud Monitor?

    Cloud Monitor (CM) provides you with multi-dimensional statistics monitoring, intelligent data analysis, real-time fault alarms, and customizable report configurations for Tencent Cloud services so that you can oversee the health of your applications and cloud services. This document describes how to use APIs to perform CM operations such as pulling monitoring statistics. For more information, see API Category. We recommend that you read Overview and Monitoring Overview before using CM APIs.

    What is Custom Cloud Monitor?

    Custom Cloud Monitor is an entry through which you can easily submit monitoring data. Tencent Cloud provides you with a wealth of use cases to help you decide which metrics to submit. You can then use Custom Cloud Monitor to configure and submit the metrics. The submitted data is processed by the powerful Tencent Cloud Custom Cloud Monitor backend and then retained for a period of time for free. During this period, you can generate graphs and charts such as single-instance graphs and multi-day trends. You can also aggregate data by dimension. Custom Cloud Monitor also supports alarms that help you detect exceptions promptly and monitor your applications in real time.

    What is Basic Cloud Monitor?

    Basic Cloud Monitor is the main entry for monitoring and managing all cloud services. You can use it to view comprehensive and detailed monitoring data. Basic Cloud Monitor monitors cloud services including CVM, Cloud Database, and CDN in real time, extracts key metrics and displays them as monitor icons, and supports custom alarm thresholds. It provides you with multi-dimensional data monitoring, intelligent data analysis, real-time fault alarms, and custom data report configurations for cloud services, giving you accurate information on the health of your applications and various cloud services in real time.

    How do I purchase Cloud Monitor?

    You do not have to purchase or enable Cloud Monitor. Instead, it is automatically enabled when you register your Tencent Cloud account. You can use the Cloud Monitor console to query the status of your cloud services and configure alarms after purchasing and configuring cloud services.

    Do CDH instances support Cloud Monitor?


    How do I monitor the memory usage of CVM instances and TencentDB instances?

    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor console.
    2. Click Cloud Virtual Machine or Cloud Database under Cloud Product Monitoring to access the Cloud Product Monitoring page.
    3. Click the monitoring icon of the target instance to query the memory usage of the instance, which can be a CVM or cloud database instance.

    For more information on how to create an alarm for the memory usage of a CVM instance or a cloud database instance, see Alarm Service.

    How do I troubleshoot Cloud Monitor issues?

    For more information on how to troubleshoot Cloud Monitor issues, see Troubleshooting.

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