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Configuring Chart

Last updated: 2022-03-29 16:55:52

    This document describes how to configure a chart when creating a monitoring chart.


    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor console.
    2. In the left sidebar, click Dashboard > Dashboard List to go to the dashboard list page.
    3. Find the dashboard for which you want to create charts, and click the dashboard name to go to the dashboard management page.
    4. Click > Create a Chart to go to the chart editing page and configure the settings as follows:
      • Basic info: includes the chart name and chart notes.
      • Chart type: can be a line chart, a bar chart, a dashboard, a pie chart, or a numerical chart. More chart types will be available in the future. For different chart types, the chart elements, thresholds, and legend configurations are different. For more information, see Use Cases of Different Chart Types.
    • Data link: defines whether to display a link when you double-click the chart. After adding a data link, you can click a certain period in the chart to be redirected to the custom link.
    • Chart link: defines the chart redirection link. After adding a chart link, you can click in the chart to be redirected to the custom link, as shown in the figure below:
    1. After configuring the settings, click .

    List of units

    Unit Meaning
    None No unit displayed
    % Percentage
    s Second
    us Microsecond
    ms Millisecond
    Count Total number of times
    Count/s Times per second
    Bytes Bytes
    KBytes Kilobytes
    MBytes Megabytes
    GBytes Gigabytes
    TBytes Terabytes
    KiBytes Kilobytes (in the 1024 system)
    MiBytes Megabytes (in the 1024 system)
    GiBytes Gigabytes (in the 1024 system)
    TiBytes Terabytes (in the 1024 system)
    Bits Bits
    KBits Kilobits
    GBits Gigabits
    TBits Terabits
    KiBits Kilobits (in the 1024 system)
    MiBits Megabits (in the 1024 system)
    GiBits Gigabits (in the 1024 system)
    TiBits Terabits (in the 1024 system)
    Bytes/s Bytes per second
    KBytes/s Kilobytes per second
    MBytes/s Megabytes per second
    GBytes/s Gigabytes per second
    TBytes/s Terabytes per second
    KiBytes/s Kilobytes per second (in the 1024 system)
    MiBytes/s Megabytes per second (in the 1024 system)
    GiBytes/s Gigabytes per second (in the 1024 system)
    TiBytes/s Terabytes per second (in the 1024 system)
    Bit/s Bits per second
    KBit/s Kilobits per second
    MBit/s Megabits per second
    GBit/s Gigabits per second
    TBit/s Terabits per second
    KiBit/s Kilobits per second (in the 1024 system)
    MiBit/s Megabits per second (in the 1024 system)
    GiBit/s Gigabits per second (in the 1024 system)
    TiBit/s Terabits per second (in the 1024 system)
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