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Change of Meaning of Periods for Alarm Triggering

Last updated: 2021-03-31 14:49:30

To enhance user experience and offer more effective alarm services, we have made the following changes to Tencent Cloud CM’s alarm triggering logic:

  1. Change of the meaning of “Last for 1-5 periods”: Last for n periods now means an alarm is triggered when the threshold is reached for n consecutive times at the point of data collection. For example, “Last for 1 period” means an alarm is triggered the first time the threshold is reached at the point of data collection. The change may increase the number of alarms you receive. You can modify the parameter based on the new logic.

  2. “Last for 0 period” is no longer supported for TencentDB for MySQL, SCF, TencentDB for Redis, or TSF log alarms. If you used the setting for these services, CM will automatically change it to “Last for 1 period”, which means the same as “Last for 0 period” by the old logic.

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