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TencentDB for TcaplusDB Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2021-10-29 12:05:52



    Monitoring Metrics

    Parameter Metric Description Unit Dimension
    Avgerror Average error rate Average error proportion of table operations % TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Writelatency Average write latency Average data write latency Microsecond TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Comerror Common error rate Error proportion of common table operations % TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Readlatency Average read latency Average data read latency Microsecond TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Volume Storage volume Storage volume used by tables KB TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Syserror System error rate System error proportion % TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Writecu Actual write capacity units Actual write capacity units for tables Units/sec TableInstanceId, ClusterId
    Readcu Actual read capacity units Actual read capacity units for tables Units/sec TableInstanceId, ClusterId

    The statistical granularity (period) may vary by metric. The DescribeBaseMetrics API can be used to get the period values supported by each metric.

    Overview of Parameters in Each Dimension

    Parameter Dimension Dimension Description Format
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Name TableInstanceId Database instance ID dimension name Enter a string-type dimension name: TableInstanceId
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value TableInstanceId Specific database instance ID Enter a specific database instance ID, such as tcaplus-123abc456
    Instances.N.Dimensions.1.Name ClusterId Cluster ID dimension name Enter a string-type dimension name: clusterId
    Instances.N.Dimensions.1.Value ClusterId Specific cluster ID Enter a specific cluster ID, such as clus-12345

    Input Parameter Description

    To query the monitoring data of TcaplusDB, set the following input parameters:
    &Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value=Specific database ID
    &Instances.N.Dimensions.1.Value=Specific cluster ID

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