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Custom Monitoring View

Last updated: 2021-06-08 16:17:33

    Monitor Overview allows you to access the overall monitoring information of your cloud products, The Custom Monitoring View helps users quickly understand the pre-defined key metrics and is the most important feature on the monitoring overview page.

    You can choose to add the core metrics (such as CPU utilization, etc.) and choose the monitored objects to be displayed on the view. You can also click on the view to show/hide the data of some monitored objects. Tencent Cloud's Cloud Monitor helps you aggregate the data of all monitored objects you have chosen on the same chart, so that you can directly view the key metrics for core services each time you visit the overview page, greatly reducing your inspection costs.

    • Only filtering for CVM and cloud database metrics is supported currently, and more metrics and products will be available in the future.
    • A maximum of 3 metrics can be added, with no more than 6 objects added for each metric.

    Creating a Custom Monitoring View

    1) Log in to the Tencent Cloud Console, select "Cloud Monitoring" - "Monitoring Overview" tab.
    2) In the column of "My Monitored Metrics", click the "Add Metrics to Be Monitored" button to select the product type and metrics to be monitored, and corresponding region and monitored objects.
    3) The selected metrics and all objects will appear in the view. Users can click the "Select Object" button to re-select the objects to be monitored, or click the object name below the chart to show or hide some of the object data. You can also select different periods to view the monitoring data.

    Modifying Displayed Objects

    Users can modify the object data displayed in the chart by clicking the "Add Metrics to Be Monitored" button, the "Select Object" button, or the object name below the chart.

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