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Referer Hotlink Protection

Last updated: 2021-03-17 10:39:26

    Feature Overview

    • Based on the referer mechanism supported by the HTTP protocol, the source of a request can be identified through the referer field in the HTTP header. You can configure a referer blocklist or allowlist to identify and authenticate the sources of video requests.
    • Blocklist and allowlist modes are supported. When a video playback request reaches a CDN node, the node will authenticate the request source according to the configured referrer blocklist or allowlist. If a request meets the rule, CDN will return video data; otherwise, it will return a 403 response code and reject the playback request.


    For more information on enabling referer hotlink protection, please see Setting Hotlink Protection.


    • This feature is optional and not enabled by default.
    • After enabling this feature, select and configure the blocklist or allowlist. The two modes are mutually exclusive, and only one is supported at the same time.
    • 1–10 domain names can be entered in the blocklist or allowlist (one entry per line).
    • Do not put a protocol name (http:// or https://) before a domain name. Domain name matching is based on the prefix (for example, if you enter abc.com, then both abc.com/123 and abc.com.cn will be matched), and wildcard (e.g., *.abc.com) is supported.
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