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Superplayer Configuration

Last updated: 2022-04-27 10:53:53

    Superplayer is the player feature provided by VOD, which allows you to specify the adaptive bitrate streaming output, image sprites as thumbnails, and definition through relevant configuration items. It also supports preview in the console. For more information, please see Superplayer Preview.


    For the sake of security, only the default template in VOD does not require to enable key hotlink protection for the domain name, while other templates can take effect only after key hotlink protection is enabled. If you have not set key hotlink protection, click Domain Management to enable it.

    Preset Configuration

    VOD provides the following three preset configurations for your convenience:

    Configuration NameConfiguration Item
    Adaptive bitstream to be played back (template ID)Image sprite to be used (template ID)Substream naming rule (based on length of substream short side)
    • 240p: LD
    • 480p: SD
    • 720p: HD
    • 1080p: FHD
    • 1440p: 2K
    • 2160p: 4K
    • Other: xxp (xx indicates the length of the video short side)
  • when client supports FairPlay, play 11
  • when client supports Widevine, play 13
  • 10

    Custom Configuration

    Log in to the console, select System Settings > Superplayer Configuration, and click Create:

    1. Enter the playback configuration name (only digits and letters are supported).
    2. Enter the playback configuration description (up to 15 characters).
    3. Select a preset or previously created custom template in Adaptive bitrate streaming template for playback.

      Your player can play back only the videos transcoded through the selected adaptive bitrate streaming template. For example, if the adaptive bitrate streaming template 10 is selected in the playback configuration, then your player can play back only videos transcoded through this template.

    4. Select a preset or previously created custom image sprite template in Image sprite template for thumbnail preview.

      Only the image sprites captured through the selected template can be used for thumbnail preview in your player. For example, if the SpriteScreenShot10 template is selected in the playback configuration, only image sprites captured through the SpriteScreenShot10 template can be used for preview in your player.

    5. The Definition used for the player to play substreams section displays the definitions as the names of substreams for playback. The default values will be used if you don't change them. You can also customize the video short side lengths and corresponding definitions.
    6. Click Confirm to complete the creation.

    After the configuration is successfully created, it will be displayed in the superplayer configuration list. You can also preview the corresponding configuration as instructed in Superplayer Preview.

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