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Feature Description

Last updated: 2022-07-15 14:30:45


    Superplayer provides a wide range of playback capabilities for different platforms.

    Feature Description iOS & Android Web Flutter
    Multiple formats RTMP, FLV, HLS, MP4, WebRTC and more
    URL playback Play videos from URLs
    DASH protocol Play videos in standard DASH format × ×
    File ID playback Play videos by their VOD file ID
    Instant streaming Preload videos to achieve instant streaming ×
    Quick seeking Quickly and accurately seek to a specific time point for playback
    H.265 hardware decoding Decode H.265 videos based on hardware *
    Automatic switch between software and hardware decoding Automatically switch to software decoding when the device does not support hardware decoding -
    Adaptive bitrate streaming Manually or automatically select a video quality based on bandwidth to play HLS streams ×
    Resolution change Smoothly switch between different resolutions during playback
    Custom resolution names Give custom names to different playback resolutions ×
    Playback control Start/Stop/Pause/Resume playback, auto play, playback loop, replay, and other playback controls
    Playback speed change Play videos at 0.5-2 speeds without changing the sound pitch
    Custom playback start times Specify the start time for playback
    Preview Allow viewers to watch a preview of a video
    Playback progress control Drag the progress bar to adjust the playback progress
    Progress bar marks and thumbnail preview Mark a point on the progress bar and display a thumbnail sprite of the video at that time point
    Custom player dimensions Specify the size of the player
    Multiple rendering modes Specify how videos are fitted to the screen
    Small-window playback Play videos in a small video window
    Flipping Flip a video horizontally or vertically
    Rotation Rotate videos by a specific angle (you can specify the `rotate` parameter of a video file to achieve automatic rotation) - ×
    Brightness adjustment Adjust the brightness of a video -
    Volume adjustment Adjust the volume or mute a video
    Dual-channel audio Play dual-channel audio
    Audio playback Play MP3 and other audio files
    Immersive mode Play videos in the immersive mode (locking the orientation and hiding system bars) -
    On-screen comments Show on-screen comments during playback
    Pause images Show an image when playback is paused, which can be used for advertising
    Video screenshot Extract a frame from a video -
    Subtitles Import subtitle files to add subtitles to videos × ×
    Video thumbnails Add a custom thumbnail to a video
    Multiple instances Add multiple players on the same page to play videos at the same time
    Playing while downloading Cache video data while playing
    Referer hotlink protection Configure an allowlist/blocklist and using the "Referer" field in a playback request to determine whether to allow or block the request
    Key hotlink protection Add parameters for validity period, preview time, and max IP count to playback request URLs to protect videos from unauthorized distribution
    HLS encryption Encrypt HLS streams with a key based on AES
    Proprietary protocol encryption Encrypt videos in the cloud using a proprietary protocol. The encrypted videos can be decrypted and played only using the Player SDK. ×
    Playback after download Download encrypted videos and use the Player SDK to decrypt and play the videos - ×
    Playback callbacks Callbacks for playback status, first frame rendering, end of playback, and playback failure
    HTTPS Play HTTPS videos
    Custom HTTP headers Use custom HTTP headers when requesting video data - ×

    • "-" indicates that the feature is not supported or does not apply to the platform.
    • The web Player SDK supports H.265 hardware decoding, but to decode H.265 videos, the browser must also support H.265 hardware decoding.

    Superplayer Adapter

    Superplayer Adapter provides a wide range of capabilities for different platforms.

    Feature Description iOS and Android Web
    QUIC protocol Support for QUIC ×
    Playback by file ID Play videos by their VOD file ID
    Video quality change Smoothly switch between multiple video quality options
    Custom names for video quality options Give custom names to video quality options
    Progress bar marking Mark a location on the progress bar
    Thumbnail preview Display thumbnail sprites on the progress bar
    Custom video thumbnails Add custom thumbnails to videos
    HLS encryption Encrypt HLS streams with a key based on AES
    Proprietary protocol encryption Encrypt videos in the cloud using a proprietary protocol. The encrypted videos can be decrypted and played only using the Player SDK.


    For other features, see the API documentation:

    SDK Web iOS Android
    Superplayer Integration on Web - API Description - -
    Superplayer Adapter Integration on Web - Superplayer Adapter Integration on iOS - Superplayer Adapter Integration on Android - Superplayer Adapter
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