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SDK Download

Last updated: 2022-09-15 17:44:57

    SDK Download

    The Player SDK is a subproduct of the Tencent Cloud RT-Cube product family and provides video playback capabilities for live and VOD playback.
    You can view the list of features supported by the SDK in Feature Description and get the demos for different platforms in Free Demo. On this page, you can download the SDKs for various platforms and get the demo source code.


    Player SDK for web

    Used for live and VOD playback in PC and mobile browsers.

    ZIP file Integration on Web TCPlayer Demo

    iOS and Android

    Player SDK for iOS

    Contains VOD and live playback features and provides common components and scenario-specific demo source code to help you quickly set up your app.

    ZIP file Integration on iOS LiteAVSDK/Player_iOS

    Player SDK for Android

    Contains VOD and live playback features and provides common components and scenario-specific demo source code to help you quickly set up your app.

    ZIP file Integration on Android LiteAVSDK/Player_Android


    Player SDK for Flutter

    An SDK encapsulated based on the Flutter framework, which allows you to quickly build applications for different platforms using one set of code.

    ZIP file Integration on Flutter LiteAVSDK/Player_Flutter

    SDK Feature List

    Feature Module Feature Description Web iOS and Android Flutter
    Playback protocol/format Support for VOD and CSS. Support both VOD and live playback capabilities.
    Supported live playback formats Support live video streaming formats such as RTMP, FLV, HLS, DASH, and WebRTC. WebRTC, FLV, HLS, and DASH RTMP, FLV, and HLS RTMP, FLV, and HLS
    Supported VOD playback formats Support VOD audio/video formats such as HLS, DASH, MP4, and MP3. HLS, MP4, MP3, FLV, and DASH MP4, MP3, HLS, and DASH MP4, MP3, HLS, and DASH
    LEB Play back LEB videos with a latency of milliseconds. × ×
    Support for the DASH protocol Play back videos over the standard DASH protocol.
    QUIC-based acceleration Use the QUIC transfer protocol to make the video transfer more efficient. -
    SDR/HDR video playback Play back SDR videos and HDR videos in HDR 10 and HLG standards. -
    H.264 video playback and software and hardware decoding Play back H.264 video sources and support software and hardware decoding.
    H.265 video hardware decoding Decode H.265 video sources based on hardware. -
    Audio playback Play back MP3 and other audio files.
    Dual-channel audio Play back dual-channel audio. ×
    HTTP header settings Use custom HTTP headers when requesting video data. ×
    Support for HTTPS Play HTTPS videos
    HTTP/2 Support the HTTP/2 protocol.
    Playback performance Predownloading Preownload the content of a video file in advance and configure the size and resolution of the files to be predownloaded. Predownload can greatly reduce the time to first frame (TTFF) and is optimized to reduce the energy consumption of the playback device and deliver a higher performance.
    Buffering while playback Download and buffer content at the same time when playing back a video to reduce the network usage. You can also configure cache policies.
    Accurate seek Play back the media file at the specified time point on the progress bar. Seeking is accurate to the frame in mobile applications and accurate to the millisecond on the web.
    Real-time network download speed Get the real-time download speed to display it to end users when lag occurs. This is also a prerequisite for implementing the bandwidth prediction module of adaptive bitrate streaming.
    Multiple instances Add multiple players on the same page to play videos at the same time.
    Dynamic frame sync Catch up the current live streaming progress in a way similar to fast forward when a lag occurs, so as to guarantee the real-timeness of the live streaming image. × ×
    Playback control Playback through URL Play back online videos at URLs. A URL can be a VOD playback address or the pull address of a live stream.
    Playback through `FileID` Play back videos by `FileID` (VOD file ID). The stream of a `FileID` contains videos with multiple definitions, thumbnails, timestamps, and other information.
    Local video playback Play back local video files. -
    Basic control Support playback control features such as start, stop, pause, and resumption.
    Picture-in-picture (PiP) Play back media in a small window in PiP mode. For a mobile application integrating the SDK, PiP is supported both within the application and out of the application.
    Seeking within cache Support fast seeking without clearing the cached content during seeking.
    Live stream time shifting Support time shifting for live streaming, which allows users to drag the progress bar and play back a live stream from a previous point. ×
    Progress bar marking and thumbnail preview Mark a point on the progress bar and display a thumbnail sprite of the video at that time point. x
    Thumbnail settings Add a custom thumbnail to a video.
    Replay Manually trigger replay after video playback ends.
    Playback loop Automatically replay the video after video playback ends.
    List playback Play back videos in a playlist in sequence and loop the playlist (play back the first video in the playlist after the last video ends).
    Checkpoint restart Start playback where the last playback stopped.
    Custom playback start time Specify the start time for playback.
    Adjustable-speed playback Play back media at 0.5x–3x speed without affecting the tone of the audio.
    Background playback Continue playing back the audio/video even when the application is switched to the background. -
    Playback callback Callbacks for playback status, first frame rendering, end of playback, and playback failure.
    Retry upon playback failure Automatically retry when playback fails and automatically reconnect when connection to a live stream fails.
    Volume level settings Adjust the volume level or mute a media file in real time.
    Definition switch Smoothly switch between multiple definitions of an HLS video with no lags.
    Definition naming Give custom names to different playback resolutions.
    Screencapturing Extract a frame from a video. - x
    Preview Allow viewers to watch a preview of a video. x
    On-screen comment Show on-screen comments during playback. x
    Subtitles import Import subtitle files to add subtitles to videos. x x
    Video security Referer blocklist/allowlist Configure an allowlist/blocklist and using the "Referer" field in a playback request to determine whether to allow or block the request.
    Key hotlink protection Add parameters for validity period, preview time, and max IP count to playback request URLs to protect videos from unauthorized distribution.
    HLS encryption Encrypt HLS streams with a key based on AES.
    Private HLS encryption Encrypt videos over private VOD protocols in the cloud. The encrypted videos can be decrypted only through the Player SDK for playback, which effectively prevents videos from being decrypted by various browser extensions and cracking tools.
    Commercial-grade DRM Provide native encryption solutions such as Apple FairPlay and Google Widevine. x
    Secure download Download encrypted videos and use the Player SDK to decrypt and play the videos. -
    Dynamic watermark Add irregularly moving text watermarks to the player to help deter piracy. x
    Digital watermark Apply a digital watermark to videos to help identify and trace pirates at low costs.
    Display effect Custom UI Integration solutions with UIs and common playback components with UIs are provided for you to choose as needed.
    Screen filling Specify how videos are fitted to the screen. x
    Player size settings Customize the player width and height.
    Roll image Show an image when playback is paused, which can be used for advertising. x
    Video mirroring Flip a video horizontally or vertically. x
    Video rotation Rotate videos by a specific angle (you can specify the `rotate` parameter of a video file to achieve automatic rotation) x x
    Screen locking Play videos in an immersive mode (locking the orientation and hiding system bars). - x
    Brightness adjustment Adjust the brightness of a video. -
    Value-added features TSC transcoding Top Speed Codec (TSC) transcoding allows the player to implement super resolution technology for online videos in real time. It can be used to reduce the bandwidth usage while maintaining high image quality, or it can be used to improve the video playback definition and subjective video quality. x x
    Playback quality monitoring Provides full-linkage playback data statistics collection, quality monitoring, and visual analysis services based on reported playback data and by integrating VOD and CSS services.

    "-" in the table indicates that the terminal doesn't need to have the corresponding feature or doesn't have the related concept.

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